PS128 shows promising results towards decreasing stress and anxiety and improving sleep


During a recent clinical study, Lactobacillus plantarum PS128 significantly improved insomnia, stress, and anxiety levels for participants, who were all selected based on their high levels of work-life stress. During this study, participants reported both higher energy levels and generally better quality of life. The remarkably potent L. plantarum PS128 is now available in the United States via our Solace Probiotic capsules. Solace is a daily probiotic supplement that helps support a healthy mind and body.



PS128 is considered a gut-brain probiotic with mental health effects. Probiotics can impact health through a pathway called the gut-brain axis.

In this clinical study, 36 individuals – all tech industry professionals – took PS128 daily for eight weeks. Participants reported more positive emotions and improved psychological health. Other improvements included lessened severity of insomnia and lessened gastrointestinal symptoms. Saliva samples tested during the trial showed they also had lower levels of cortisol, a stress biomarker.