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Living with a neurological condition like Parkinson’s disease, autism, or chronic stress is hard enough. It can feel overwhelming to dig through all the science to find a probiotic you trust enough to add to your routine.

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Parkinson's Disease

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Solace is backed by multiple clinical studies in people just like you

It might be just what you’re looking for!

Solace: the brain-focused probiotic with unique scientific credentials

Lactobacillus plantarum PS128, the remarkably potent single strain of beneficial gut bacteria found in Solace, is naturally derived.

It supports healthy levels of happy brain hormones dopamine and serotonin to improve movement, mood, and overall quality of life.

Ongoing clinical research shows the effects of this probiotic strain on people with Parkinson’s disease, autism, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.


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We know you want a natural option that science shows is effective AND safe for your family

Nearly 2000 people from around the world trust Solace to help them and their loved ones, and are noticing the difference it makes.

Solace Science, Simplified

Nervous thoughts can give you “butterflies in your stomach” because the gut and brain directly influence each other. Similarly, the clinical studies behind Solace suggest that this unique probiotic acts from the gut to support healthy levels of “happy hormones” in the brain.

What People Say

[When my husband] began using PS128 … I didn’t imagine I’d see any actual results. But just a month later, he regained strength in his fingers, and his hands stopped trembling enough for him to be able to replace his hearing aid batteries all by himself.

Caregiver of Parkinson’s patient

For the past few decades I’ve [struggled with nightmares and insomnia]. PS128 was only one of many “treatments” I tried, not hoping for any positive results. Yet after a few weeks taking PS128 twice a day, I was able to fall asleep without nightmares

Insomnia patient

With medication, I suffered badly with “on-off” phenomenon and motor complications. After the first month [taking PS128], the changes were subtle, but real: I could wear button-up shirts again… I could even button my left sleeve cuff using my right hand. PS128 gives me hope that I can keep my “normal days” longer.

Early-onset Parkinson’s patient

What People Say

Our Mission


We developed Solace with a clear mission in mind: provide a healthy, safe, and natural way to improve mental wellness and overall health.

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